Graham Resnick


Graham Resnick is a sophomore who is planning on studying Finance at UConn. He is the President of the Financial Management Club. Graham also loves cars and playing guitar.


Nicholas Marini

Vice President

Nick Marini is a senior Financial Management major and is the Vice President of FMC. Besides managing the internal logistical operations of the club and its events, Nick isn’t hesitant to lend a hand in the creation of flyers and help club members find their place at FMC. Nick works for the Town of Fairfield as a Producer and Director for town board meetings.


Alyssa Pelletier


Alyssa Pelletier is a sophomore studying Financial Management at UConn Stamford. She is the Secretary of FMC, and works to organize information and communication among club members. She is passionate about pursuing a career as a financial manager. Outside of school, she enjoys dancing, the beach, and reading.